Costero California Bar + Bistro 2018-01-25T00:25:14-05:00

Project Description


6101 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90045, United States

At Costero, you will enjoy a wide range of delectable small plates, savory soups, Neapolitan pizzas, artisanal salads, fish tacos, sandwiches, large entrées, vegetarian/vegan options and decadent desserts.
The menu isn’t the only aspect of Costero that’s impressive. A floor plan spearheaded by Colorado’s Oz Architecture has made refreshing use of open space as a means of encouraging social interaction. Diners will find the main dining area to be warm, inviting, and friendly as they enjoy their dinner, drinks, and company. Because Costero isn’t just about food — it’s about good times with good friends.


Orazio Parisi, Executive Chef
Costero represents an exciting combination of tradition and innovation. Executive Chef, Orazio Parisi – voted “2012 Chef of the Year” by the Southern California Restaurant Writers Association – brings his Cordon Bleu skills and Sicilian sensibility to the creation a menu that emphasizes fresh, seasonal flavors, and a Californian coastal take on time-honored American cuisine. An inspired new list of specialty cocktails also accompanies the revamped meal selections. A variety of local craft beers will be available on tap and in bottles, including beers from Venice Beach, Los Angeles, and Torrance. In addition to the local craft beers, Costero will also serve more than SO different varieties of wine from California as well as international wineries.