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Project Description


70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA 02110

Magnificent Cuisine in the Heart of Boston Harbor
VINEYARD-TO-TABLE: Meritage, known for its excellence in wine and food pairings, has stepped into a new era of wine and food with an exciting design transformation and enhanced menu. Join us at MERITAGE RESTAURANT + WINE BAR for a memorable dining experience in a stylish, refined dining room and wine bar. Chef Daniel Bruce brings a unique Vineyard-to-Table concept to the menu where he shares the special relationships he has formed with winemakers from all over the world with diners at MERITAGE RESTAURANT + WINE BAR.


Chef Daniel Bruce – a Culinary Legend

With a passion for food, wine and the art of pairing the two, Chef Daniel Bruce transformed the culinary landscape for wine and food enthusiasts when he opened Meritage in October 2002. In the new era of Meritage, beginning in 2015, Chef Bruce will integrate his deeply-rooted ties with vintners from around the world to source ingredients exclusively for Meritage that will be incorporated into the menu, including citrus, spices, herbs, nuts, meats and other specialty items grown on the vineyards. Drawing inspiration from his experience as chef and Founder of the Boston Wine Festival, Chef Bruce took his love for creating dishes to match specific wine characteristics and turned it into Meritage – a haven for food and wine lovers to enjoy year-round.